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Ruudt Peters: a materialidade do corpo e a espiritualidade da matéria

Atualizado: 17 de mar. de 2019

Among the reasons of human interest in ornamentation we can find the desire for transcendence, related to the mystical-religious themes. This is the focus of Ruudt Peters work, whose production in art jewelry is crossed by connections between life and religion. He inviting us to a reflection on the jewelry's symbolic and conceptual universe, an object of visibility that gives expression to the subjectivities and meanings attributed to existence. In Peters religiosity, spirituality and philosophy contents are problematized poetically in the object-jewel. His work evokes reflections on contemporary flows between the materiality of the body and the spirituality of matter, addressed here from the series themed by alchemy and cosmogony of some cultures.

Ruudt Peter, Qi Cun Zai, 2013

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